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Page Number Subject 
Why a Motorhome/RV Why travel in a Motorhome/RV?
Preparations Getting ready to go.
Shipping Papillon Transoceanic RV shipping
Schengen Must know Information

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

Reactions and Prelude

Morocco - Sahara

Salute- to the heros Having
Belgium - a Blunder

Morocco 2 - On the road

Czech this out too - 
Holland - Feast for the eyes

Spain - Images

Lithuania -Heros much
France - La Belle

Spain 2 - Little Places

Buskers - Street folk fun
Germany - Mud Monster

Pilgrimage - coming

Russia 1 - Beginnings to
Austria - what a McDonald's! France - La Tour  Russia 2 - Treasur blog
Italy - we meet a new friend France - Dog Green Russia 3 - Golden Ring I
Croatia - Beauty and the Beast RV Rally in Germany
Bosnia - the bridge at Mostar For every evening - click on "slideshow"
Croatia 2 - some new surprises Note - we spent 3 months in France. Denmark - 4th of July
Camping on Board - Ship board We were having so much fun we could not Norway - Vistas
Greece - love at first sight be bothered doing a blog.  We appologize  Norway - Vigeland
Greece - better still to both our readers and the French. Scotland - Nessie Lives
Turkey - Papillon is run out Scotland - a small Tour
Turkey - a typical day Ireland - Emerald Isle
Turkey - Swimming with the Gods Ireland 2 - the Troubles
Turkey - Kas
Turkey - Spectacle
Turkey - Kapadokya
Turkey - Nemrud Dagi
Bulgaria - Highlights Tour
Romania - Count Dracula
Hungary - King of Wines
Slovakia  - Beautiful land
Roots - Going Home
Poland - Diversity
Poland - In memory of.
Poland - Palaces
Poland - Off the beaten track
Sweden - 4 days on the coast
Denmark - Homecoming
Germany Oktoberfest
Papillon Winters Over in France