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We spent little time in Austria as it was only a transit through country this trip.  However we enjoyed the scenery immensely.  The above photo was taken at 5 in the evening as we were heading east towards Innsbruck.


Cone of Silence

When traveling overseas you have to make a great effort to keep up with the news from the USA.

We chose not to.  Thus we enter a cone of silence.  Judy was somewhat worried about this phenomenon prior to our departure.  She no longer is concerned and enjoys the "quiet" if you will, especially concerning the next presidential election.  We will return with 3 months to go before the big February polling day so we do not think that we will miss anything of importance.

Sadly, we did hear of the Virginia Tech affair and were deeply saddened.


Mickey D's

The next morning while heading south up the Brenner Pass we stopped at a McDonald's along the Autobahn for a drink and some internet time at their Wifi site.  Probably the best view of any McDonald's in the world.

While I never expected to visit McDonalds on our trip, they have a distinctive European flair.  Their design is contemporary, usually with a Cafe that serves pastries, espressos and cappuccinos.  And served on china dinnerware with real glasses and real silverware - not a spork! 




Thanks McDonald's for the internet spots in Europe.

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