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As in France, there are hundreds, if not thousands of campgrounds throughout Germany.  Some operated by villages and towns and some are private.  From bare bones basic to "resort" status and all points in between.  Search "camping germany" or similar and you will find lots of listings.



A huge listing in stellplatz atlas.   We finally purchased one and it is a great resource.

Stellplatz at Tritenheim, Mosel Valley near Trier

GoogleEarth:     49.824718, 6.903079

Very similar to French Aires de Service, these locations are most often sponsored by the village in order to develop tourism.  They almost always have dump stations and water.  

This one from 2003 trip had a few electrical hook ups on a first come basis.  Our cost was 4 Euros for the night.  A man came around and collected at dusk. 

This valley is one of the worlds foremost wine producing regions and the hillsides were covered with vineyards.  We ventured into the village after supper and got a private tour of the deep cellar and purchased a bottle (US cost $100) of Eiswine for 20 Euro.

Our rental RV with French license plate scared off a couple of people but a others were very surprised to meet Americans in a Stellplatz.  Throughout Europe we were received in friendship


Our first night in Germany on this trip we stayed at a free Stellplatz right on the banks of the Rhine river in Worms.  There were 3 small Gasthaus nearby along the river promenade.  Most pleasant.  Electric was available as was waste disposal and water.

  GPS  49.63184N, 8.37706E

Our second night we spent in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the premier small towns in Germany along the Romantiser Strasse.  The stellplatz cost was 10 Euros in a parking lot overlooking the towers of this completely walled medieval town.  Water closet, water, dump station for 3 inch hose; and electricity for purchase extra.  Walk into town in 5 to 10 minutes.

To the right we see Papillon bracketed by a couple of towers of the city wall.

GPS - 49.37044N, 10.18263E

Our time in Munich was on the riverfront at Thalkirchen Camping, one of the world's most famous campgrounds because everyone stays here during Oktoberfest.  20 Euros a night for a space with water, electric and gray water dump.  Showers are 1 Euro for a hot water token good for 5 minutes.  Camp store and laundromat available with good working dryers (very rare in Europe).  4.50 Euro per wash, 50 cents for 10 minutes of drying, used only 20 minutes per load.  Bus at gate to city subway network.

On the left is our view from the View

GPS - 48.09182N, 11.54607


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