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We did not plan to enter the Netherlands this trip.  We were going to begin by heading south toward warmer climes.  But two separate Dutch couples at the campground in Brugge just insisted that we head north and view the flower fields and gardens of Holland.  Thus the Butterfly takes a flutter.

That Easter Monday, which is a national holiday, found us on the road north along with everyone else in Belgium and Holland.  The weather was perfect, though cool, in northwestern Europe and EVERYONE, and every Camping Car, was out on the road in miles long traffic jams.  We were not happy.

And then we entered the flower fields.

And Judy was a very happy camper.


On Tuesday we toured one of the world's top gardens, on a gorgeous day.

Keukenhof Gardens

Lisse, Holland

More Holland Flower Photos

To conserve bandwidth on the blog server we post most photos on Pbase, a photo site.

As we were leaving we saw a gardener at task.  We approached and said "Thank You".  At first we got the deer in the headlights response, but then his face brightened into a huge smile.

I think we made his day.

I hope he shared the moment with his peers.


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