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Production Sound Mixer able to travel worldwide on short notice with the latest technology


Originating in Miami during the 60's, Tele-Visual Aids Inc was the first post production film facility in Florida.

In the mid 70's, a change to TVA Inc brought about the freelance location sound recording phase.

The early 80's, saw another change to THE B TEAM, the first FULL service Sound and VTR company in the state. We coined the term "Video Village", pioneered the use of a videoprinter and pop-up canopy, and introduced the equipment "package", for both sound and video assist.

In the 90's, the destruction of Hurricane Andrew signaled a move to Orlando (where I had already worked as a sound mixer in the 80's; Hertz/O J Simpson & Jiffy Lube/Arnold Palmer) and a change to VIDEOCOM SYSTEMS Inc specializing in the design and construction of video assist combo 8 units.

The millennium ushered in another change; to Scott's Sound Services, with the very first location audio DVD recorder, and digital video assist with flat screen monitors.

This second decade in the 21st Century brings about radical changes. I have downsized, focusing more on audio for smaller budgets, and 2nd unit features, with the latest technology to better serve the Cable, DVD, Web, and ENG markets.


I was the first to introduce video assist in Florida, on 1/2" B & W reel to reel in 1976. Later I helped pioneer its development as a tool through the use of split-screen and superimpose. I was the first to record on VHS, S-VHS, digital disc (early 80's), 8mm and Hi-8. 

I worked on the first "million dollar" TV commercial; Pepsi/Miami Vice, directed by Ridley Scott in 1986. I worked on the first "million dollar" music video; Will Smith/Miami in 1998.

I designed and built the first professional, video assist combo 8. Over two dozen units were in use around the country, thru rental houses such as Panavision, Cine Video Tech, Production Consultants and Equipment (PC&E) and Cine Photo Tech (CPT).

I was the first in Florida to record time code audio, the first to use a digital slate, and the first to record digital sound on DAT & RAM DVD.

I was the first to own a digital HDD VTR system and provide LCD flat screen monitors.

Update March 2012: After waiting since November 2010, I have received the very latest multi-track, multi-camera, digital mixer/recorder w/
mirror cards and remote control record enabled wireless transmitters. 

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