Pricing and Payment Information
This page was last updated on 24 Feb 04.

Individual Item Pricing: {Updated 24 Feb 04}

Non-Switch Panel$125.00 
Switch Panel$225.00 
Gauges*?.??Depends on gauge style & models; will be Summit prices +10%.
Assembly of gauges into panel$45.00 
Wiring, Non-Switch Panel$60.00Only available with assembly.
Wiring, Switch Panel$75.00Only available with assembly.
Grille Core Charge$25.00Refunded upon return of a grille in equal or better condition.
*The gauges do not have to be supplied by me in order for me to install them, but they must be Auto Meter gauges.

Example:  basic panel, assembled with Auto Meter Sport Comp gauges (Summit Mar-Apr '02 catalog prices), and wiring:
Basic panel$125.00
Assembly  $45.00
Wiring  $60.00
Oil Temp    $39.95+10%  =  $43.95
Oil Press (Elec)    $49.95+10%  =  $54.95
Voltmeter    $33.95+10%  =  $37.35
Total  =$366.25+ shipping

Note that the panel with switch will require an additional temperature sender; if I am assembling the panel with the gauges, the cost of this additional sender (~$15) will be added to the total.

You'll save lots of $$ by buying, installing, and wiring the gauges yourself! If you can wield a hacksaw and a file, you should have no problem modifying the brackets.

Payment Info: {Updated 14 Jan 04}

I accept PayPal, money orders, and personal checks (checks will have to clear); to defray the service charges on payments received, add 3% if paying via PayPal. Once your setup is ready to be shipped, I will email you with the total (including insured shipping), and will ship out your setup within five working days from the time your payment is deposited. I prefer to use UPS, but will work something out with you if you desire a different shipping method. If you want me to supply the gauges (when you have me install them), I will require 50% of the gauge cost up front.

Return/Refund Policy: {Updated 16 Sep 03}

If, for whatever reason, you need to return the gauge panel, I must agree to accept your return before you ship it back. For obvious reasons, once the gauge panel is fabricated, the grille core is an integral part of the panel and cannot be separated; consideration will be given for cores as noted below. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Barring damage1, the "restocking" charges are:
Core (supplied by me):$0.00(I will refund 100% of the core charge.)
Core (supplied by you):-$10.00(I will pay you $10 for the core you supplied originally.)
Non-switch panel:$25.00
Switch panel:$50.00
Gauges:  33% of what I charged you.2Varies
Assembly of gauges into panel:2$20.00

1All returns will be inspected and/or tested. Should there be any damage, determination of the charges will be on a case-by-case basis. No refunds will be given for damaged electrical components!
2Should you decide to keep gauges which are supplied by me, the assembly charge will be non-refundable.

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