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Four Retreats, Four Paths

Offered October 2011-July 2012 in Boulder, Colorado



Feedback from the Four Path Retreats was Overwhelmingly Positive!


Participants were enriched by the teachings and a weekend of practices that can be integrated into each person’s spiritual journey. 


Here are a few comments from retreat participants:


“The retreat was a sumptuous feast of movement, meditation, silence, breathing, laughter, passion, wisdom, music, dance, art and valuable tools for the Via Negativa journey.”


"The retreat was truly a satsang - a company of the wise. The lovely presence of each participant is itself a gift that nourishes."


"The long silence period "forced" me to spend time thinking about things in my life that need attention. And while I don't consider myself "artsy" at all (art as meditation sometimes stresses me out!) I loved the chance to make a prayer stick that did not require special talent! Having the stick with me on the labyrinth helped me focus (I was reminded of a rosary, even though I'm not Catholic) and led to my best experience on the labyrinth yet."


What did I enjoy about the retreat? “Lectures really brought the readings alive; the organizers and participants, and the chance to be with like-minded people; the connection between spiritual readings and current political and sociological realities, the goal of using smaller transformations to effect bigger ones in the world."


“Of all the retreats I have attended in my life, this was the best!”


“I loved having the opportunity to be in retreat for 2+ days with Matthew Fox, Susan Evans, and the other participants, and being able to listen to and learn from others' wisdom. I truly enjoyed the variety that the retreat offered - not only lecture and discussion, but also sacred dance (and modern dance at the very end!), labyrinth walking, time for reflection and journaling/poetry/haiku writing, nutritious meals, etc. It was a lovely, thought-provoking, and inspiring experience, and very well thought out. Thank you!”


“In 25 years or more of attending retreats and workshops, this was among my favorites. I am very excited about taking my learnings of the VP into my personal and professional practices”



an epiphany enables you to sense creation not as something completed, but as    constantly becoming, evolving, ascending. this transports you from a place where    there is nothing new to a place where there is nothing old, where everything    renews itself, where heaven and earth rejoice as at the moment of creation.  


abraham isaac kook    from painted prayers by jody uttal