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The backbone of the Creation Spirituality tradition is its naming of the spiritual journey in the Four Paths, which parallel the cycles of the four seasons. It invites us to be participants in the circle of life—being filled with awe and wonder, feeling our pain and losses, exuding creativity, and persisting as justice makers. 


The Four Paths also address the question: Where will the experience of the Divine be found in our time? Creation Spirituality responds: the Divine will be found in these places: 

In the Via Positiva—In the awe, wonder, and mystery of nature and all beings, each of whom is a “word of God,” a “mirror of God that glistens and glitters,” as Hildegard of Bingen put it. This is Path One. 

In the Via Negativa—In darkness and nothingness, in the silence and emptying, in the letting go and letting be, and in the pain and suffering that constitute an equally real part of our spiritual journey. This is Path Two. 

In the Via Creativa—In our generativity we co-create with God; in our imaginative output, we trust our images enough to birth them and ride them into existence. This is Path Three. 

In the Via Transformativa—In the relief of suffering, in the combating of injustice, in the struggle for homeostasis, for balance in society and history, and in the celebration that happens when persons struggling for justice and trying to live in mutuality come together to praise and give thanks for the gift of being and being together. This is Path Four.


the guest house  


this being is a guest house.  

every morning, a new arrival.  

a joy, a depression, a meanness,  

some momentary awareness comes  

as an unexpected visitor.  

welcome and entertain them all!  

even when they’re a crowd of sorrows  

who violently sweep your house  

empty of its furniture,  

still, treat each guest honorably.  

he may be clearing you out  

for some new delight.  

the dark thought, the shame, the malice,  

meet them at the door laughing,  

and invite them in.  

be grateful for whoever comes  

because each has been sent  

as a guide from beyond  


rumi  from painted prayers by jody uttal