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Navajo Quilt Project

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The Navajo Quilt Project is a cultural-economic development project, which assists senior citizen women by providing them with materials, supplies, education that advances their quilt making skills, and marketing assistance. 


The sales of these quilts provide direct household income to poverty-stricken Navajo elders who have limited to no job opportunities available.


Each quilt is handmade by groups of Navajo Women.  The stitching varies--some women stitch by hand and others use sewing machines. 


Beth Miller directs the Thoreau Chapter, Navajo Quilt Project.

Marie Platero provides sewing and quilting instruction.


The project is an offshoot of the Navajo Textile Project authored by our president, Marie P. Campos in 1998.  


We thank the entire generous supporters that have made this project a viable solution to combating poverty.