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The Native Hispanic Hero Award is a public honor given to those who hold influential positions, and virtuously serve the people by consistently demonstrating the knightly virtues that make up a universal code of chivalry viz., courage, justice, mercy, generosity, truthfulness, faith, nobility, and hope. of virtue are superior to the many...Yet nouthing prevents the above argument from being true in some multitudes of men. -Aristotle

Native Hispanic Hero Award 2011
Left to right; John Paul Taylor, Marie Campos, Justice Patricio Serna

Richard Garcia in front of E. Holguin

Richard L. Garcia, of the Espanola Valley is recognized by the “Northern New Mexico Community, and the Legislature for giving a voice to the people, and preserving the historical ‘Spanish Voice of New Mexico’.”

Justice Patricio M. Serna, of Santa Fe is recognized by the “Northern New Mexico Community and the Legislature for consistently upholding the highest values of faith, honor and justice, wherein exemplifying the noblest qualities of the state’s Hispanic heritage.”

John Paul Taylor, of La Mesilla is recognized by the “New Mexico community and the Legislature for his work to preserve Hispanic culture, and work toward providing relief to the oppressed, disadvantaged, weak and vulnerable.”


Left to right; Marie Campos, Casimiro Roca, S.F. , Judge Art Encinias, Judge Michael Vigil


2010 Native Hispanic Heroes

Casimiro Roca, S.F. and Judge Art Encinias, and Judge Michael Eugene Vigil are recognized by the community and the Legislature “for consistently upholding the highest values of faith, honor and justice thereby exemplifying the noblest qualities of the state’s Native Hispanic heritage.

Left to right; Marie Campos, Rep. Salazar, Rep. Varela, and Speaker of the House Lujan.


House Speaker Ben Lujan, Legislative Finance Committee Chairman Luciano “Lucky” Varela and Rules Committee Chairman Nick L. Salazar were “recognized by their peers and constituents for consistently listening to the voices of the people, seeking social and economic justice for the poor, and protecting the Hispanic culture of the state.”