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Left to right; Marie Campos, Casimiro Rocha, S.F. , Judge Art Encinias, and Judge Michael Vigil

Second Annual Native Hispanic Hero Awards

               On February 10th, Native Hispanic Institute (NHI) President Marie Campos, and community members attended the morning legislative session to designate three outstanding gentlemen as Native Hispanic Heroes. 

               Father Casimiro Rocha, S.F. and Judge Art Encinias, and Judge Michael Eugene Vigil are recognized by the community and the Legislature “for consistently upholding the highest values of faith, honor and justice thereby exemplifying the noblest qualities of the state’s Native Hispanic heritage.”

               Representative Nick L. Salazar (Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Santa Fe and Taos counties) sponsored the certificate of appreciation on behalf of the House of Representatives and NHI.  The Native Hispanic Hero Award is given to those who consistently demonstrate the knightly virtues that make up a universal code of chivalry:  courage, justice, mercy, generosity, truthfulness, faith, nobility and hope. 

               Father Casimiro Rocha, S.F. has tended Santuario de Chimayo from 1954 to present. Judge Art Encinias and Judge Michael Eugene Vigil have presided in the First Judicial District Court from 1983 to 2002 and since 1995, respectively.