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Institute President/CEO presents Art Contest Award
Left to right; Artist Nolan Martinez, President Marie P. Campos, Catana Lopez, Kathrine Bennett
In Loving Memory of
Nolan Avelino Martinez III
November 15, 1957 - October 27, 2006
Chimayo, Nuevo Mexico U.S.A.
Native Hispanic Institute
Chimayo Chile Project
Our 2006 Trademark Art Contest Grand Prize Winner
A poem from the mind and heart of Nolan Martinez
Del La Mente Y Carazon de Nolan Avelino Martinez
(C) copyright @ 2004, all rights reserved
I am from the past,
heading for the future,
you do not know of me,
but I know of thee.
My voice, my words, hold a story,
so listen and learn of my mission.
Of our heritage, destiny, unity,
not our division; 
The way of the street,
drugs--our poison.
Keep your heart and mind clean,
like a lowrider,
a beautiful clean machine.
The looks, the style,
like nothing you have ever seen,
I am!
I ride
"low and slow",
"spreading beauty where I go.".
I am a lowrider
 a part of my machine,
so enjoy,
It's my style--my baby,
my love, and joy!
I hope you've listened
 and seen the picture I painted,
you may
 if you wish,
hop into my lowrider machine.
I am from the past,
heading for the future.

Vengo del pasado,
me acerco al futuro,
No sabes de mi,
pero yo se de ti.
Mi voz, mis palabras, contienen un estoria;
escuchen y aprendan de mi mision.
De nuestra cultura,
no division;
los modos de la calle,
drogas--nuestro veneno.
Tengan el corazon y mente limpio;
y como un carro bajito,
lindo y limpio.
Las mirada,
el estilo,
como nada que se a visto;
yo soy
bajito y despacito,
despramando lo lindo 'onde vengo.
Yo soy parte de mi "ranfla," gonsenla;
es mi estilo--mi nino, mi amor, y gusto.
Espero que eschucharen
 y miraran lo que les pinto;
y si gusta,
suvase en mi
mi carro bajito.
Viajando del pasado,
me le acerco al futuro.

The life, words and paintings of Nolan Avelino Martinez emerged from the paradox-soul of Chimayo, New Mexico.  Although Chimayo is home to the venerated Sanctuario de Chimayo, which is held to be a Catholic holy place; in 1998 two percent (2%) of the village's population died from drug overdoses, mostly from heroin use. 
Following the traditions rooted in the Sanctuario culture, Nolan's mission rose above the bitter reality of the drug and crime ridden community, called for ending generations of in fighting and worked to inspire love and hope among his people. 
As a traditional painter, lowrider, poet and G_d fearing man; in spite of his own personal struggles, Nolan awakened light in the mist of darkness.  His beauty touches the heart and he shall be remembered as a  genuine soul.
                                                                  - Marie Campos