SAM 21 OldTime Aeromodeling
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Selected plans
as wimsey ands space permit...

SNIFFER 1/2A Gas FF Sport 1950's by Midwest

In the mid 1960's a friend turned me on to the Sniffer.  Being a Control Line hacker, I overpowered my first one with a Cox Baby Bee .049in3 engine.  It would climb out in a half loop then roll out and climb over on its back again, gaining altitude all the time.
Even with a Tatone DT I still managed to lose it twice.  Once at the Van Nuys flying site - it DT'd into a pumpkin patch and the red/ytellow paint scheme blended into the orange pumpkin patch all afternoon!
One hot summer I launched it without first running out the tank.  It climbed out from the Shafter High School football field and eventually DTed...power looping all the while.  Finally the engine cut and it went into the 4H cornfield adjacent.  I walked the 8 foot tall rows of dry cornstalks with pollen itching my head, neck and torso all day and part of the next before literally running into it unscathed.  Great fun!  I built a second but it never surpassed my first Sniffer.  A while back (20 years?) Art Schroder or Bill Winter scaled the Sniffer up 2X or maybe even 3x for R/C.  Gotta try that some day.   snr

Download SNIFFER Plan in JPG format

This pic taken at the 2000 Pensacola SAM Champs
My best HLG day ever - 2 120s Maxes & a 90 sec flight to klinch the HLG trophy that year!

Scan from ZAIC 1934 Yearbook reprint (p15 in back)
I've built, flown. lost many of these beauties over the years - ENJOY!

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