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National Majestic Tree Hound Association
Lee Newhart, Jr.
155 West Haven Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850
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The Majestic Tree Hound is recognized by the following Registries and other hound Authorities.
NKC (National Kennel Club)
CKC (Continental Kennel Club)
WTDA (World Tree Dog Assoc.)
John Wick ("Walk With Wick" The Tree Dog Encyclopedia)

NEW Majestic Tree Hound Breeders
Cindy & Johnny Thompson have some Great Hounds to start the Breeding Program

Click Here to Visit "Bawling Tree Kennels"

Cindy and Johnny will be having pups in the late summer and will be ready around Nov. of 2008.. They will Soon have a Web Site Up and Running and a link will be posted here.
They can be Contacted at ph# (434) 263-6463 "In Central Virginia"
Their E-Mail is


Sire: Saltlick Kennels "Red Hammer I"... NKC Reg. Majestic Tree Hound.
Dam: Yoder's $ Makin Agnes... UKC Reg. English Coonhound
I have been hunting this Pair of hounds together now for 2 months. I have never seen two Hounds work together as well as this pair. Both are super Cold Nosed, you can hunt them on coon till 1:00 in the day and run coon tracks atleast 7 hours old and most likley Older than that..
Hammer has been run on Bobcat, Bear and Coon. He has a Great Bawl Mouth on Track and Tree.. He will tell you just on hot the track is .. When its real Hot he has a 45 second Screeming Long Bawl.. A very good Strike Hound from Rig..
The theory of this breeding is a Reconsitution of Old Line Breedings of the Finest Old Strains of Bluetick and English Hounds with a Hint of hard hunting lines of Bloodhound..
These two Hounds are totaly Unrelated untill they have a Matched Genetic link at "Mountain Music Blue" "Father of Many Bluetick Strains"
These two Hounds Carrie Extrem Ability's, A long Linnage Of Champions In both Bluetick and English Lines and Conformation of Speed, Feet and Size.
Besides Ability the Prodegee of this Breeding will have unmatched Hybrid Vigire
They hunt as well in the daytime as Fresh Coon at night. These Pups will only be sold to Fokes with clean Kennels and High Reputations of Hunting and Care of their Hounds.
Several Pup are already sold from this litter, they are due on the 15th. of Aug. and can be delivered on or around Oct. 10th. 8 weeks old..
I have never before sold pups on the Site so this will be a first.
This is a First time breeding Pups are $450.00 and a $200.00 Deposit is Required.

Click Here to Visit "Lancaster Family Hunts"

Bart Lancaster With Bear and His Line of Majestic

Click Here to See Bart and Cam's Video's..

Majestic Tree Hounds are more than a hobby for us. It's a passion, one you can only experience by Hunting with these "Majestic" hounds and listening to their booming Bawls, Chops and Crys. From cold trail to tree these hounds are the finest Large or Small game hounds you can find! 

Looks of Hounds From The Past !!

Buck Ridge's "Molly" at 11 months old

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!