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Getting a MkLinux Pre-R1 CD

You can get a MkLinux Pre-R1 CD-ROM in two ways:


In order to download and burn the CD image you will need:

  • A CD "burner" (A CD-R or CD-RW drive).
  • The appropriate software to burn raw CD images. Toast Lite cannot do this!
  • A high speed Internet connection — the CD image is approximately 650 MB.

There are currently two Pre-R1 CD images on the MkLinux FTP site. One is newer and better, and the older one is kept around just in case someone can't use the newer one.

The newer, better CD image:
The old CD image:

The R2 CD images can be found at the following sites:

Note: Be sure to download the CD image in binary format! If you download it in text/ASCII mode, you will not be able to use it! Imagine how silly you'd feel if you download all 650 megs, then have to throw it away because you downloaded it in text format.

Burning the image incorrectly has been the source of many problems. This is a raw CD image. Do not burn it onto a CD as a file. Do not mount the image using Disk Copy or Toast or any other program — the mounting process will alter the image! In order to burn it, you must have a program capable of burning raw CD images. Note that Toast Lite cannot do this; if you use Toast you must use the full version.

Burning the CD image with Toast (full version)
  1. In Toast, go to the "Format" menu and choose "Disc Image."
  2. Click the "Data..." button. Avoid the "Mount" button! If you mount the image you will damage it, and have to download it all over again.
  3. Burn the CD
Burning the CD on a Windows computer
In order to get the CD-burning software to recognize the CD image you will probably have to rename the image to have a ".iso" extension. (e.g. maindisk.iso)
Burning the CD with Disk Copy in Mac OS X
  1. Open Disk Copy, which can be found in /Applications/Utilities
  2. Choose "Burn Image..." from the "Image" menu.
  3. Locate the image you wish to burn (i.e. maindisk.img).
  4. Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW.
  5. Click the "Burn" button!

Via snail-mail

Two people have generously offered to burn Pre-R1 CDs for those without high-speed internet access. They both ask only $5 (US) plus the cost of shipping. They are:

  • Shawn Dunn <osirusg AT yahoo DOT com>
  • Scott Wiesenmeyer <swezen AT mindspring DOT com>

(Don't forget to remove the SPAM-bot-proofing!)