Patrick Bush, Racing updates.

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Racing in Tucson Arizona.



NASCAR Super Late Model

Chassis:Victory Circle.
Engine:Automotive Specialists
Tires: Goodyear

Owned by:Scott Walker

Driven by:Patrick Bush

NASCAR Grand American Modified

Chassis: 2003 Flexiflyer
Engine: Redgate 358 ci. V8 Chevrolet
Fuel: Methanol
Tires: Goodyear D2272 and D1882

Owned and driven by: Patrick "Swifty" Bush

Patrick Bush in action, 1983 at Corona Speedway (now TRP) driving a 1955 Ford Anglia.

May 20, 2003 Bobby Labonte, Roger Cohn, Greg Biffle, Pat Bush, Mark Thomas

Crew: Mike Maxwell, Marty Cwach, Brad, Kyle Bush.

Great Sponsors:Santa Rita Steel, Kaiser Garage doors, P. O. Machine.

Special thanks: Jeanette Bush, Phil Bush, John Redgate.

Tuscon Raceway Park, AZ

TRP season opener was April 7th. Not a bad turnout for the latemodels but only three modifieds arrived to race. The Modified division is now non sanctioned, no more NASCAR. TRP latemodels are still NASCAR. Chris Stress won the opening night Modified main event. A fourth car, P.J. Megna, showed up to run race #2. There are many cars collecting dust around town, I hope we can convince some more to come out and race. Most of the Tucson modifieds will be in Blythe for the opening race in the Hoosier west series on 4/28/07.

TRP MODIFIEDS 04/14/2007

MAIN EVENT 25 LAPS 1. Pat Bush #30 2. P.J. Megna #97 3. Chris Stress #20 4. Bill Harrington #2

HEAT RACE - 8 Laps 1. Pat Bush 2. Chris Stress 3. P.J. Megna 4. Bill Harrington

TROPHY DASH - 4 laps 1. Chris Stress 2. Pat Bush 3. P.J. Megna 4. Bill Harrington

Winners Circle, Sandia.

God bless our troops, Commander in Chief, and the USA.

Please contact Patrick Bush if you have any questions, comments, or interest in sponsorship.
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