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Travel Adventures into Art is based in Northern, California. For the past 25 years, we have designed and facilitated tours for museums, universities and individuals. These tours are to various cultures where people are exposed to the art, architecture, archeological ruins, traditions, rituals and cuisine unique to that region.

Travel Adventures into Art is a tour company that designs and facilitates educational art tours. The tours visit various regions where participants are able to experience a balance of components, in both the art and history, as well as a true sense of the unique color and tastes of a specific location.

Our tours also provide the participants with the opportunity to paint, draw and photograph should they be inspired to do so.

Oaxaca - New Mexico and more...

We have tours to New Mexico, USA and Oaxaca, Mexico. In addition, we are happy to customize a tour any worldwide location. We can plan unique cultural itineraries with specific dates for any group of contacts, friends, family, or other group of travelers.


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