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Tool & Racing Tire Trailer

Here is the trailer that I put together to transport my tools and tires to autocross and other racing events.


Front view

Here is the trailer behind the LeadSSled after returning from a "high speed autocross" event at the 411 Speedway in Seymour, TN.


Raer view

This is the end of the SSled that people are most familiar with. Big Grin


Closer look

This is a kit that I mail ordered from Harbor Freight. It's a sturdy little unit with a 1400 lb. payload rating. The tires are cradled by two 48-inch long 1-1/4 inch diameter galvanized pipes. There is a piece of angle-iron on top pf the pipe to keep from putting compression marks from the force of the straps into the soft racing rubber.


Closer Look at the front

The 48-inch wide lockable and weather-proof tool box fits perfectly between the fenders and the front of the trailer.