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Welcome to my original fine art drawing and painting web site. The portfolio pages are organized into the various techniques and styles.

Born in Detroit, my family moved to Orlando in 1971. After earning my degree in Graphic Design from the University of Central Florida, numerous independent courses followed, in photography, printmaking and art techniques. My art strongly reflects my love and respect for nature, whether in botanical drawings, traditional watercolors or the ancient art of Chinese Brush painting.


The natural world fascinates and inspires me. I would like to educate as well as communicate my ideas on plants, nature and various other environmental issues. Sometimes, I start with a rough idea in a thumbnail form, and it evolves into a finished painting. At other times, the spiritual nature of the subject "happens" in a spontaneous dance of the brush across the paper.

I'm the president of the Central Florida Watercolor Society. We meet at the Altamonte Chapel Social Hall, on the first or second Sunday of the month. Please visit our new website, check our calendar, and join in the fun!

Bamboo and Damselfly

Our calendar is available at the website.

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