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Sit by the fire and enjoy Cougar Bob's Mountain Man stories galore.  There'll be plenty of true tales told of deer hunting, whompus cat trapping, raccoon treeing, coursing hound chasing, bloodhounds man-trailing, and predator call practicing before breakfast. 


Accounts of Cougar's adventures appear in "The Cougar Bob Review," a periodic publication, and in the book, Close Calls: The True Tales of Cougar Bob, by B. J. Campbell.


For stories captured in "The Cougar Bob Review," click on a link below to visit back issues.  Or for a sample short story from the book, select a link below at right, right under the cougar's nose. 


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How long has Cougar Bob been the source of unusual deeds and viewpoints that require periodic Reviewing? Who can say? But click here for clues on his personal page.


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