Welcome to G.S.Wyllie pedals, guitars and Sitar Guitars! If you're looking for the more unusual of guitar sounds, pedals like the G.S.Wyllie Custom Fuzz, Ungahwah wahwah, Ungahwah Tremolo, Thunder Machine, Fuzizizer, RUX  Fuzzstone and OverTron, although not listed, are all available as well as those shown below.
Some of my circuits have been heavily modified guitar effects from way in the past, with others that are totally original like the OzO, Moonrock and Fuzzmite.
More sounds to come!
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Click here for the Fuzzmite sound


Wylo Delux, X-Fuzz, Fuzzmite
Years ago, before I started casting the cases, I put my pedals in these 16 gauge steel boxes of my own design. The Fuzzmite is still available in this box. The Fuzzmite circuit is totally original, unrelated to the Fuzzrite, FuzzFace, Big Muff, Maestro, etc. A unique, powerful fuzz that does chords as well as singing solo work. Check out the sound samples.

Click here for the OzO sound

Dynamic alien octaver. Extra deep, ring modulatory. Play 2 notes together, get three! Can produce a distorted overdrive sound with no octaving, no fuzz. The OzO is not a copy of any other octaver pedal tho it has a little Superfuzz (without the fuzz) in it, a little Octavia/Tycobrahe (w/out fuzz), Blender, Foxx Fuzz, etc., without any added fuzz, just natural distorted chaos.


Click here for the Moonrock sound

Buncha Moonrocks
The Moonrock can do 3 distinct sounds; octave up fuzz, natural fuzz and swell fuzz. All on one dial! Also cleans up well with the guitar volume control. Spooky sounds like wolves baying at the moon can be found in the swell mode, Warm, lush fuzz, very natural, and octaving reminisent of a Scrambler, tho the Moonrock does not have a lick of a Scrambler circuit in it.  Like the OzO, the Moonrock is original with some small portions similar to a wide range of octave-up pedals. LED status light is standard on the Moonrock.



Click here for sounds


NewMoon-  This pedal contains the exact same circuitboard as the Moonrock.  With extra controls for drive, swell, and tone, a whole new world of unworldy sounds can be at your fingertips!  2 switches near the base of the pedal allow you to access the octaver in swell mode and select between 2 different drive sounds for more sustain, enhanced swell and more power. The tone control rounds out the NewMoon pedal so you can create lush mellow sounds as well as sizzling lead tones.

Click here for sound samples


All the vintage sound of a Shin-ei Superfuzz and a lot more!
Dials back to a near clean overdrive using the octave, drive and boost controls, then use the guitar volume to clean it up even more. Full sweep of the 2 tones, 4 nodes on the octave, full octave, even harmonics, half octave and  half even. At full octave there is zero background noise.
Due to impurities introduced into the metal in recent years, the finished etched picture usually has spots or weak areas in the image. This pedal now has a tough polyester film with the vision image. 





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